Security Highlights

Acacia Village is situated in Gudele 2, a 15-minute drive west of the city centre. We offer direct airport transfers, and we can assist with any local security or transport needs that you might have. Our location is characterised by comparatively few incidents, however, we have still taken every available step to ensure the safety of our guests and staff on the Acacia Village compound. The following measures have been implemented:

  • Strong room with reinforced steel doors and steel bars over every window. Complete with satellite phone, water & food supply and toilet facilities
  • Min. 2m high perimeter wall
  • Air locks at all access points
  • Min. 2 layers of razor wire around entire perimeter
  • 24-hour CCTV coverage
  • Electric perimeter fence with alarm response team on stand-by
  • Permanent security presence at all access points

Importantly, we also share our compound site with the largest security company in Juba, Veterans Security Services (VSS), who provide us with ongoing support above and beyond our regular VSS security team.

In the case of a compound lock-down, we have the following in place to ensure a continuation of high-quality service provision, with a focus on safety and security:

  1. Food, water and housekeeping supplies for >2 months
  2. Fuel supply & 250kW solar field (hybrid) for sustained power production
  3. On-site filtered borehole water
  4. Satellite connectivity
  5. Direct access to VSS’ compound